March — July 2024

The syndicate of Transmedia Research Institute aims to investigate the post-organic framework in its 2024 endeavor. The seal of flesh that divided the human being from the physical and virtual stratifications of reality has been hacked, the boundaries between "human" and "machine", "natural" and "artificial" have lost all ontological value.

The human is no longer just surrounded, but rather permeated and penetrated by technology. A transitional, transformational, and transcendental unit, determined by topographical [on the body], visceral [inside the body], and ambient [around the body] computation. A fluid and disorganized envelope, open to external contamination - biological and technological - and yet protected. Inevitably, the concepts of 'identity' and 'consciousness' [once embodied, now extended] go through an irreversible process of amplification and diffusion within the cyber-physical swarm.


The 2024 Semester of Bits & Atoms is organized as an online/offline hybrid program between an art residency and a research platform; we will not only speculate about desirable futures, but also explore new methodological approaches and experiment with antidisciplinary notions of (un)learning together.

The program is structured as a four-month online research cycle that will accompany the development of the participants' projects, with a strong attitude towards experimentation. During the course of the program, we will offer four in-person gatherings in Pesaro/Fano (Italy) – two mandatory and two optional – and individual mentorships, along with a set of workshops, lectures and performances. Each participant will be assigned to a mentor for guidance with their project for the whole duration of the program.

The School’s faculty is made up of renowned international artists, researchers and partners whose works and contributions are changing the way we relate to our planet and its metamorphosing ecosystem.

This transdisciplinary program is aimed at students and professionals with different backgrounds in the fields of visual arts, design, fashion, robotics, architecture and digital media, among others.

Apply until January 31 to be part of this experience, and join us in rethinking contemporary paradigms, hacking unconventional academic approaches and creating new narratives at the intersection of science and culture.


If selected, participants will be sent an email with a link to pay the Enrollment Fee. The price for participation amounts to 400,00€, half of which will be kept as budget by the Institute, and stay available for you to create your project/artwork/installation for the final exhibition. The payment of the Fee is mandatory in order to guarantee a spot in the program. The fee must be paid before the beginning of the Semester; further details will be soon given to the participants. Travel and accommodation expenses for the in-person gatherings are not included.


Submission of applications
December 20th, 2023 — January 31st, 2024

Notification of admission
February 5th — February 11th, 2024

Payment & enrollment
February 11th — 25th, 2024

Program Kick-Off
March 2nd

Final Exhibition(s)
June 29th + 30th

Application Procedure

In order to be selected, applicants need to submit a single PDF document containing the following:

The Transmedia advisory board will review all submissions and select up to 15 applicants by the beginning of February. Selection criteria will address work and research consistency, relevance and relation to the themes of the program.